Seamless discovery

We pride ourselves on providing the best app experience for your conference attendees. With our live, multi-track schedule and zero-lag browsing of your conference content, your attendees will interact deeper and more frequently with your conference than with other apps on the market.

Available on both iOS and Android.

Fully branded.

Unprecedented in the industry.

Your conference app is fully branded and custom-designed to you. Our shared platform model allows us to provide you the best digital experience for your conference, while innovating year-round across the entire industry to bring you the best features and best practices – all without having to pay the hefty development costs of it.

We sponsor all development costs.
Your attendees get the best engagement for your conference.

Map-first or Feed-first.
Take your pick.

Whether your conference is held in one location or many, Happ provides the most optimized discovery for how attendees want to find and sift through the events and exhibits at your conference.

End-to-end engagement.

We provide and optimize the complete end-to-end journey your attendees take to download, launch and continually use the app during your conference. The entire user journey is branded to you and we provide launch-points from both your website and physical, onsite activations.

App Banners

We optimize how your visitors flow from your website into your conference app, both before and during the conference to maximize engagement across all digital fronts.

All custom-designed branded to you.

Happ Codes

Provide onsite activations and engagement with event lists, exhibits, installations, poster walls or any other custom content your conference showcases.

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A breeze to integrate

We take on every aspect of the integration
and are with you every step of the way.

Automatic content synching

You don't have to worry about inputting your conference data into our systems. We pull from your existing content and sync it automatically, so that your conferences lights up within Happ without any extra costs or effort your end.

Custom designs

We brand and custom-theme all the assets needed for the integration, including app banners, your conference landing screen and any onsite activations. Simply give the thumbs up and watch your conference come alive.

One-line drop-in

With a simple one-line script drop-in on your website, app banners show up automatically where they need to and the web widget starts enabling deep engagement with your content.

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