Touchless check-in

Do away with unsafe paper registrations. Our QR-based check-in gathers patrons contact tracing info at the door safely. Check-in data is private and secure, eliminating your worries about how to collect, store and share the info with health authorities when a customer tests postivively with COVID-19.

So you can stop worrying about Covid and get on to running your business.

Reduce your liability

Pen and paper require customers to touch common, transmission-susceptible surfaces and puts you on the hook for recording and storing their contact info securely.

We eliminate these worries for you by collecting contact tracing info digitally with best modern privacy and security practices. If you are alerted to a COVID-positive customer you served on premise, let us know and we will share the info with health authorities securely.

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Simply place your QR code at the entrance
and start checking in patrons effortlessly.

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